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Tips About Watercolor Paintings For Beginners

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Tips About Watercolor Paintings For Beginners

If you are a beginner and you want to learn the basics of watercolor paintings then you should start with the basic and easy things so that you don’t waste your time and paints also.

First of all try using the watercolor sheet available at all book stores.It is important to work on the watercolor sheet because of its thick texture.The use of water will not ruin your work and paper both.

Do not make excessive use of water if you are a non professional artist because it would be hard for you to handle so much of water.

Use quality watercolors.I used Winsor and Newton’s color palette.Try out new experiments with colors as you  will gain confidence this way.

A lot more to tell you  about water paints,but time to go.Stay tuned for more knowledge on the topic.